Sunday, 27 February 2011



I'm sorry for not being active here at my blog lately but I decided to chill out the last days of my sportlov. Nothing much has really happend, I did throw a LAN with my friend Simon last Thursday though, I played some League of Legends for the first time and it was a lot of fun. It's an RPG-Action based game pretty similar to World of Warcraft in it's spell build actually, so if you're good at PVP (Player versus Player) in World of Warcraft I think you can manage League of Legends pretty well. 
Enough of nerdy games now Philip! Yesterday I spent a wonderful night together with my girldfriend in Halmstad. I really wanted to have a night together with her now before school starts. We cuddled, watched half a movie and just spent time together.
Today I spent the day in Helsingborg with some colleagues working on our company, it's called UF which stands for "Ung Företagare" or in English "Young Entrepreneur". UF prepares you for growing up starting your own business and it's really useful. Basically you learn a lot about how to run a business correctly and over time you also develop, not only as an individual but also as an entrepreneur which I think is both fun and exciting. Well, we'll see how that goes, hopefully well :)

Beeeeedtime! I think I'll dream about balloons today, they're cool.

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