Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Two years!

Today me and my girlfriend are celebrating two years of love! Therefore I'm taking her to Båstad (after I've slept a bit) and we're going to make dinner, take a walk at the beach, sauna and pretty much celebrate this whole special occasion together.

It all started back in 2008. All of a sudden I started notice a pretty girl in my class, before she'd just been one in the crowd, a girl that you'd always thought looked nice but never really had a whole conversation with. But now, suddenly, she'd become the girl that I'd decided to fight for, she was perfect in all ways and I wanted her so badly, I would do anything to draw her attention off of the other guys. At the beginning she didn't really know how I felt cause back then I was a little shy boy who'd never really done anything more than hugged a girl, so it all started of pretty tough and slow. Nowadays she likes to remind me how mean I was back then almost delaying our love. But honey I'm truly sorry, you know, being in love with someone and then being able to express it, hmm that might be a bit hard sometimes, especially for a shy little boy :) 
But that all changed, today my girlfriend surprised me with a cute special fondue which she'd made all by her self. She had prepared a table in her room with romantic candles, marshmallows for dip, hot melted chocolate and bananas cut in small pieces also for dip. It tasted wondeful and the whole idea was loving.

What I'm trying to say is that, Cindy you're the dream girl every guy are looking for and wants to be with, me having you with me, it makes me so happy that I won that fight back in 2008.

I love you.