Saturday, 12 February 2011

Second day out there!

Once again, hello internet peeps!

Second day right? Well, nothing much has happend since yesterday, I met my wonderful girlfriend and watched movie with her called "Deja Vu", I might have slept a bit during the movie, but the parts that I saw were good ;).

Enough about my daily life now, I think I want to talk a bit about size. Yesterday when I was walking home from my girlfriend I looked up to the stars and came to think of how small we actually are. Normally when you're sitting in a boring classroom listening to the teacher talking about for example hypergiants (huge stars) and other astronomy facts you're not that excited, surprised or hooked. But as soon as you walk outside a cloudfree night and gaze up to the sky seeing all the stars, you can't help but smile. All those stars out there, how many are they? How far away are they floating? Are we alone out here in this "obscurity"?

The stars and the universe in my opinion are really fascinating. The light we're seeing when we're looking up to the stars might just be the light which was emitted sometime around WW1.
I or no one can't take you out into the universe but I can contribute with a cool homepage that describes size pretty good. The background sound makes it all even more tense according to me ;) (Awesome site: )

Keep on gazing people.

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