Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Today I met the famous Peter Connée, the president of ProCivitas, a man who has the ability to inspire people and give them exactly the kind of "fuel" they need to get boosted. 
Peter really made me think so at the moment my thoughts are kind of "spread out" and I'm trying to focus on only one thing, the future, but I find this quite hard to do so for only a moment ago I decided to post my thoughts here, at my very own blog. Now I know that I promised you shorter posts from now on but as I've just told you my head is invaded by thoughts so I cannot help to bomb my blog!

So, the future, it's something we both are afraid of but also very curious about. Today I learned (or atleast gained more experience of) that the future isn't made yet and the future becomes what we want it to become, it's you and me who creates it. We're all tailors in a way, we have the power to sew and create whatever we want to create (ops, one of my silly metaphors appears again), so always make sure you're sewing the finest piece of cloth! 
I guess what I'm trying to say is that you and me we are both living in present time (duh) and the future is only a creation of our acts in present time and if you want to create the ideal future you always need to make sure that you produce the finest cloth (your performance needs to be at the peak) that makes you more visible amongst other tailors. My advice is that you let your imagination work as fuel and that you let your creativity be your tool when you're sewing your ideal future.


Saturday, 25 June 2011

If I could sing

...If I could sing I'd write you a song, a song about you, about us and about our memories...
...The song would describe your beauty with tones so fair and its purpose would be to make you smile, to think and to see... 
The song could be named after you and the lyrics combined with the tones would beat you breathless...
...The song could make you feel special in every way and it could speak about you being my girl, in all eternity. 
If I only could sing, then I'd write you a song...

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Metaltown 2011

Hello! Anyone there...? Heeello? Oh right! I haven't written anything here in centuries. Sorry 4 dat.

Well I just came home from Metaltown! A swedish metal concert located in Gothenburg and there's pretty much only one word that can describe the whole trip, REALLYMEGASUPERAWESOME :) And now after such an awesome trip I'm home again as I just said, chillin' and enjoying the summer and soon I will be leaving for Båstad where I will spend the most part of my summer relaxing.
But one step at a time, so now it's off to bed, I hope you all are having a great summer. Oh, almost forgot, I'll leave you with some photos from the concert, some of them are taken by the awesome photographer (he's not a photographer, really, he's just awesome) Matt Turner!