Friday, 21 December 2012

A perfect way to introduce a holiday! (TOEFL and PS)

Oh wonderful day!

My day began with me going to the church celebrating the upcoming Christmas holiday. I got to listen to my classmates performing by either singing beautifully or playing a instrument skilfully. My personal favourite performance was done by Terése Olsson who, with a voice of an angel, sang Ave Maria. Also there were some good talks by my principal and other subject teachers.
As the celebration went to an end and the last day in school, of this term, was over I joined some of my classmates and began my holiday by taking a course in the art of writing a Personal Statement. The course, that was built by Study Advantage, gave me a good insight and some new knowledge around the area of applying to universities abroad. Thank you Johanna Eriksson.
Five hours later I take the bus home only to receive my TOEFL results. BANG! Over 100 in score! Yes! I'm more than overwhelmed by happiness and currently drowning in expectation. A perfect way to introduce a holiday!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Great Britain!

Just came home from a pure dead brilliant roadtrip in Great Britain and now my heid's mince and am pure done in! 
Haha! I am guessing that is how you would describe your fatigue after a really fun, exciting and giving trip to Great Britain.

Well well, let me rewind just a bit and tell you about why I chose to travel to Great Britain this summer. FUTURE that is. I really enjoy speaking the English language and I love both the English and the Scottish culture so hopefully, In approximately a year, I won't be living or studying in Sweden anymore but in either England or Scotland. I really can not see myself starting off making a living here in Sweden after highschool, first I want to study abroad, travel for a bit and explore the globe.

Anyways, what did I do on my trip? Well, in just four days I visited Glasgow University, Edinburgh University and St Andrews University. I got the chance to get a first impression and a better understanding for the different towns, where you live, study and socialize etc. I also saw a whole lot of the Scottish landscape and the towns we drove through where amazingly cozy. But my trip did not only contain "schoolhunting". During my roadtrip my family managed to get a flat tire, I tasted some great Italian beer, I watched some pro golfing in St Andrews, I saw amazing sunsets and also got a chance to visit London for the Olympics atmosphere and for some shopping.

A pure dead brilliant trip indeed.

And yes of course, there are pictures ;-)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Swedish Championships!

BENSevent, my UF company, got the opportunity to compete in the UF (Young Entrepreneurship) Swedish Championships! Sadly we did not win any prizes and nor did any company from my school. But I like to be optimistic regarding the situation because if I look over how much I have learnt and how much fun me and my company did have it is almost like we won the biggest prize!

Here are some pictures from our trip!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

BENSevent UF - 2nd best service providing company/event company!

Today at the UF fair "Våga Vara Egen" we were awarded and announced as the 2nd best service providing/event company in Skåne region, Sweden! This is really a step forward for BENSevent UF and we're now really thrilled to go to Stockholm and compete for the title as Swedens best UF event company! Great work fellas!

Friday, 24 February 2012

G'day dinner!

I've known you for a long time now and you are and will forever be my Angel. I hope you enjoyed dinner last night in my basement, perhaps not that super "romantic" or "dinner-friendly" judging from the enviroment but you must admit that the passion fruit and the melon tasted splendid! ;)

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Long time no see!

I was sitting by my Mac only in underwear listening to some random house/dance music when all of a sudden the thought of updating my blog struck me. I remember it being a loooong time ago since I updated my blog so why not update it now, after all it is the last day I will be spending here in beautiful Thailand.

So let's throw some pictures out there! :D