Friday, 21 December 2012

A perfect way to introduce a holiday! (TOEFL and PS)

Oh wonderful day!

My day began with me going to the church celebrating the upcoming Christmas holiday. I got to listen to my classmates performing by either singing beautifully or playing a instrument skilfully. My personal favourite performance was done by Terése Olsson who, with a voice of an angel, sang Ave Maria. Also there were some good talks by my principal and other subject teachers.
As the celebration went to an end and the last day in school, of this term, was over I joined some of my classmates and began my holiday by taking a course in the art of writing a Personal Statement. The course, that was built by Study Advantage, gave me a good insight and some new knowledge around the area of applying to universities abroad. Thank you Johanna Eriksson.
Five hours later I take the bus home only to receive my TOEFL results. BANG! Over 100 in score! Yes! I'm more than overwhelmed by happiness and currently drowning in expectation. A perfect way to introduce a holiday!

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