Sunday, 27 February 2011



I'm sorry for not being active here at my blog lately but I decided to chill out the last days of my sportlov. Nothing much has really happend, I did throw a LAN with my friend Simon last Thursday though, I played some League of Legends for the first time and it was a lot of fun. It's an RPG-Action based game pretty similar to World of Warcraft in it's spell build actually, so if you're good at PVP (Player versus Player) in World of Warcraft I think you can manage League of Legends pretty well. 
Enough of nerdy games now Philip! Yesterday I spent a wonderful night together with my girldfriend in Halmstad. I really wanted to have a night together with her now before school starts. We cuddled, watched half a movie and just spent time together.
Today I spent the day in Helsingborg with some colleagues working on our company, it's called UF which stands for "Ung Företagare" or in English "Young Entrepreneur". UF prepares you for growing up starting your own business and it's really useful. Basically you learn a lot about how to run a business correctly and over time you also develop, not only as an individual but also as an entrepreneur which I think is both fun and exciting. Well, we'll see how that goes, hopefully well :)

Beeeeedtime! I think I'll dream about balloons today, they're cool.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Two years!

Today me and my girlfriend are celebrating two years of love! Therefore I'm taking her to Båstad (after I've slept a bit) and we're going to make dinner, take a walk at the beach, sauna and pretty much celebrate this whole special occasion together.

It all started back in 2008. All of a sudden I started notice a pretty girl in my class, before she'd just been one in the crowd, a girl that you'd always thought looked nice but never really had a whole conversation with. But now, suddenly, she'd become the girl that I'd decided to fight for, she was perfect in all ways and I wanted her so badly, I would do anything to draw her attention off of the other guys. At the beginning she didn't really know how I felt cause back then I was a little shy boy who'd never really done anything more than hugged a girl, so it all started of pretty tough and slow. Nowadays she likes to remind me how mean I was back then almost delaying our love. But honey I'm truly sorry, you know, being in love with someone and then being able to express it, hmm that might be a bit hard sometimes, especially for a shy little boy :) 
But that all changed, today my girlfriend surprised me with a cute special fondue which she'd made all by her self. She had prepared a table in her room with romantic candles, marshmallows for dip, hot melted chocolate and bananas cut in small pieces also for dip. It tasted wondeful and the whole idea was loving.

What I'm trying to say is that, Cindy you're the dream girl every guy are looking for and wants to be with, me having you with me, it makes me so happy that I won that fight back in 2008.

I love you.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

El futuro

Future the thing you might come to think of once a day (at least me). It's something that's always in our mind and it pops up time to time without notice. It's something that we're always struggling to make better because we all want our own ideal future, don't we?

Yes, as you've probably figured out I think of the future, A LOT. Im that worried type who always asks himself: "What if Im not able to reach my goals or if my ideal future fails?", what will happen? I've only got one shot to do this right, to make myself and everybody else proud. 
But I've decided to fight for my future, I have a million goals to reach and some day I really want to be known as a person who has done something outstanding. I want people to look up to me and hope that someday they can become what Iam, cause that's exactly what Im doing at the moment. Im looking up, looking up to famous people who have it all and Im really hoping that someday I'll have all that fame and success (well, within a limit). 
Now by all this I'm not saying that Im a lonely guy who has failed in life and I'm definitely not a miserable person. I've not only found love but I've also found a lot of good friends! But the actual guy inside of me talking about this so called ideal future is a hopeful, ambitious and struggling entrepreneur who is ready to give it all.

So, I'll keep on gazing out into the future.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

I'm back!

Hello y'all internetpeeps... Actually, Ive been thinking and I think I'm going to stop calling you that from now on :) Sounds a bit...nerdy?

Anyways, one word: Finally! No more tests or submissions in a while and also sportlov is waiting ahead! I now can, after some weeks of hard work, finally breath out and relax for five or ten minutes.
Now to the reason why I haven't posted anything here lately:

  • Work
  • Lack of ideas. 

Work Yeah...loads of it.

Lack of ideas At the moment barely no one is reading my blog so I can't really ask anyone out there what they want me to talk about. So not until someone shouts out "TALK ABOUT PENGUINS" for example I won't stop talking about daily funny stuff and post my photos here (well my blog will still include my photos even if I start talking about penguins so).
But there's one thing you can't tell me to stop doing and that is writing my blog in english. The biggest part of my idea in creating and developing this blog is pretty much developing my english language, so no Swedish for you!
But in time I actually think interesting stuff will start poping up out of nowhere and when it does, you'll be the first to hear about it, I promise ;).

Today's videoclip: Funny Japanese comedians, simple yet entertaining:

There's not really a theme going on in today's post so I'll give you a random yet awesome picture!

Monday, 14 February 2011

My first follower!

¡Hola internet peeps!

Yesterday I gained my very first possible follower here at my blog! I welcome you Peter and I hope you'll enjoy your stay here at my blog.

Anyhow, my internet have preveted me from entering the blog world in time today so that's the reason why today's post are released a bit late, I apologize to you all.
Actually, lately I've been feeling a bit ominous, for example, right before the chinese test today this huge head ache sneaked up on me and it almost prevented me from thinking clearly, but I did my best and hopefully it all went well! Also this morning when I was going to get off the buss at the Lasarett busstation my headphones somehow got stuck in the aircondition that goes along the floor in the buss. But that happends to everybody everyday, or? So now I had to jump off at the next busstation and walk from there all the way to ProCivitas, which luckily isn't that far.

But enough of bad luck, today's Valentine's day! And I'm superlucky that I actually have a girlfriend to spend it with. Sadly though I can't celebrate this years Valentine's Day with her because maths test is coming up tomorrow, and I need to study (which Im not doing at the moment, ops). But I thought at least today's picture could represent my love to my dear girlfriend and that it could be in the area of some kind of love theme. So I've chosen a picture I photoshopped back in 2009 when we celebrated our ninth month together as a couple in love.

I love you Cindy.

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Nĭ hăo internet peeps!

Chinese test coming up! At the beginning when I'd just started studdying chinese it didn't held my interest that much and it wasn't that funny. Normally my Monday would end at 13:30 but thanks to chinese, which starts at 15:35 and ends at 17:00, my monday, hmmm, feels a bit longer in a way. I wonder why. 

Anyways now with all the new "signs" and more useful sentences it's getting really... almost poignant in a way. 
A fun fact, I have somewhat three years of experience of the spanish language, but now in time the chinese language have started to transcend in a way. What I mean by that is that when I sometime can't figure out a word in spanish it often pops up in my head but not in spanish, but in chinese (if it's not a too complicated word so to say). 
It's pretty cool that if you have more interest in a language than another your brain tends to use that language in first place to locate phrases and words. Its logical I know, but it all happends in a millisecond, so you never come to think of it really.

Well, I think that's pretty much all for today. A not so funny post I know, but yeah the school is preventing me from having any free time.. Lets end todays post with a chinese inspired picture. 


Saturday, 12 February 2011

Second day out there!

Once again, hello internet peeps!

Second day right? Well, nothing much has happend since yesterday, I met my wonderful girlfriend and watched movie with her called "Deja Vu", I might have slept a bit during the movie, but the parts that I saw were good ;).

Enough about my daily life now, I think I want to talk a bit about size. Yesterday when I was walking home from my girlfriend I looked up to the stars and came to think of how small we actually are. Normally when you're sitting in a boring classroom listening to the teacher talking about for example hypergiants (huge stars) and other astronomy facts you're not that excited, surprised or hooked. But as soon as you walk outside a cloudfree night and gaze up to the sky seeing all the stars, you can't help but smile. All those stars out there, how many are they? How far away are they floating? Are we alone out here in this "obscurity"?

The stars and the universe in my opinion are really fascinating. The light we're seeing when we're looking up to the stars might just be the light which was emitted sometime around WW1.
I or no one can't take you out into the universe but I can contribute with a cool homepage that describes size pretty good. The background sound makes it all even more tense according to me ;) (Awesome site: )

Keep on gazing people.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Lets go on a journey.

Hello internet peeps!

So, I've just begun my journey into the unknown blogging-world, a journey I never thought I would be a part of. This blog isn't going to be about what I'm wearing at the moment or about what I think you should wear, no, I'm not going to be a part of that. My whole idea about blogging, my vision I think, includes a bit of photography, but also the english language (yeah you heard right, I'm not going to write in swedish here because a part of my whole plan in making this particular blog is that my blog also is going to contribute with some sort of english training for me. And by english training I'm not saying that I will blog about my english homework, of course not).

...But lets not forget, it will also include other random, funny (hopefully) stuff that pops up in my daily life.
So if you care to share my "journey" just check in once in a while, cause that's what I'm going to do.

So, lets start walking!