Sunday, 14 July 2013

Cass Business School!

Oh yes! Now this might be kind of old news but I just had to post a confirmation of my overwhelming happiness here on my blog (THE INTERNETZ NEEDS TO KNOW, OKAY?).

This autumn I'll be attending the City University of London at Cass Business School!  This is an enormous life goal which I have fought well for over 2 years to achieve. And now I will get my time to live and study in a foreign country! The joy is indescribable! In an English speaking culture me and my friend Daniel Eklund will do our best to survive and become well educated both within business and management! 

I am really looking forward to spending at least three years in a country where I'll get to eat scones, have my daily afternoon tea and develop a brittish accent. Bloody lovely indeed.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Cogito ergo sum - Another Philosophy related post

Is philosophy the history of science? I think so.

For not so long ago my philosophy teacher said something that really stuck on my mind. It is a saying, a statement, that fits me perfectly well and I suppose it could fit every humanbeing:
"Questions are my only answers." 
It got me thinking.. Below are some thoughts I juggled around with while I sat on the bus on my way home from school.

What do I want with my life?
- Money, luxury living, happiness, success and love. (Now I know that you can define these "things" in a variety of ways and they can be interpreted differently aswell)

But then, why do I want these things?
- Well they give me some sort of Respect, Security, Happiness and Comfort.

Why do I want Respect, Security, Hapiness and Comfort? Why do I strive to recieve these things?
- Happiness for example makes me happy, of course I feel better being happy. Happiness is indeed important for living a healthy and longer life, it is important for survival.

And why do we want survival?
- Well of course, to avoid death.

Then why do we want to avoid death? .. I'll come back to this, first hear me state my answer..

For my answer (or perhaps I should say question because questions being my only answers) for the questions asked above:
Is it all about survival? Is it all about the philosophy of biology? That we have the sense of survival programmed deep within our mindset? Let me clarify a bit more...

First off, why do I ask these questions? Why am I being curious?
- Well, because I want answers (or perhaps I search for more questions? Being my answers being questions. Perhaps it's all about asking the right questions?)

Then why do I want answers?
- This leads us to pretty much the same answer as stated above.. Beacause I am curious. It can really be an infinite circled answer/question-loop you see. But let us say that answers gives me Security and I can feel relieved by that fact of knowing. Because I believe that humanity can not stand the fact of not knowing, we have to know and we do not accept the "science of random". We can not stand, well at least not me, accepting Luck/Chance/Random and being uninformed. If you look at biology, evolution and the development of us, the humanbeing, with our consciousness we fear death. Death is something unknown, something we are uninformed about. We do not know what lies beyond death and therefore we are afraid. We make the connection between death and not knowing.
So if I am to summarise; am I striving for Money, luxury living, happiness, success and love in order to secure survival? Sounds raw to me. I rather enjoy life and keep asking questions :)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Philosophy - Things that makes me think

As I was sitting by the computer, having a conversation over Facebook with my dear friend Daniel Eklund, we suddenly started discussing philosophy and a bit of science. You know those typical mindbending philosophical questions that we all think of once every little while. What happens after death? What is excistence? Is there a purpose to life, its formation and the excistence of the Universe?
Well, it did not take long before both me and Daniel came up with a bunch of interesting questions. So... let's get to the point, why am I making this post? Well there are some questions that I'd like to share with you and the internet. Some of the questions have most definitely been asked and discussed many times before but I still think I managed to come up with a couple of interesting thoughts, discussing philosophy and science this evening.
So enjoy the read. And PLEASE, if you by any chance have the time/opportunity to share your thoughts or even give me well structured answers; DO SO! Also, excuse me if the English is poor. It's late as I am writing this and I just want all the thoughts out of my head!

Thought n1: Is it correct/right to use the human designed and written sciences/theories to prove that this "our own" science is true? Is not all of our theories and the human sciences then proved true, having used our own designed and written explanations to excistence and the origin of life? (Easier explained: Can we really prove science TRUE, using science?)

Thought n2: Our perception or view of reality and what is physically and mentally possible is constantly changing. This thanks to our knowledge and our sciences about the Universe continuously being developed. Stating this/having this said, how can we then, the humanity and all the intelligent researchers out there, stand by and be 100 % sure that for example magic is impossible? Magic is proven false and unreal using our present knowledge about physics laws and what is possible for a living organism. Or is it not? Contemporary/current knowledge about everything that exists is not by its final state if you ask me. We do not know everything about everything. Science is not complete. And if you would ask me again I will not deny the possibility of something impossible being possible until you prove science completed. Not until science is COMPLETE and you have been in every corner or dimension (if there are any) of the Universe and proven "Hmm no, magic does not exsist, it is nowhere to be found.". Haha well science might never ever be "COMPLETE" and hence the problem is; I could still ask you more questions. Like: "So you have not seen/found/heard of magic anywhere in the whole Universe. But what about after death? Are you sure you have not checked all the dimensions (if there are more)?". . . Oh philosophy and crazy thoughts.. you only make me dizzy instead of providing me with answers :-(

Well I could go on forever on this topic, but few people read long bloggposts and VERY few read my blogg haha ;-)

Sunday, 13 January 2013


Finally finished! A complete application is what is left after all the hard work (luckily). The personal statement along with the reference and all the other details is sent to UCAS and I am as happy as you can be. Well perhaps not to the fulliest, yet. I do want my spot at one of the universities I am applying for haha. Next time I am updating I will have recieved that conditional offer and I will be as happy as you can be, TO THE FULLIEST! PEACE.

Monday, 7 January 2013


It is coming to an end folks! 

Not that much left now until I am done with my application to universities in UK. I am thrilled finishing this application process though I do admit I will not be calm until I recieve my conditional offer ;-) Expect an update on the subject within the upcoming months!