Friday, 10 August 2012

Great Britain!

Just came home from a pure dead brilliant roadtrip in Great Britain and now my heid's mince and am pure done in! 
Haha! I am guessing that is how you would describe your fatigue after a really fun, exciting and giving trip to Great Britain.

Well well, let me rewind just a bit and tell you about why I chose to travel to Great Britain this summer. FUTURE that is. I really enjoy speaking the English language and I love both the English and the Scottish culture so hopefully, In approximately a year, I won't be living or studying in Sweden anymore but in either England or Scotland. I really can not see myself starting off making a living here in Sweden after highschool, first I want to study abroad, travel for a bit and explore the globe.

Anyways, what did I do on my trip? Well, in just four days I visited Glasgow University, Edinburgh University and St Andrews University. I got the chance to get a first impression and a better understanding for the different towns, where you live, study and socialize etc. I also saw a whole lot of the Scottish landscape and the towns we drove through where amazingly cozy. But my trip did not only contain "schoolhunting". During my roadtrip my family managed to get a flat tire, I tasted some great Italian beer, I watched some pro golfing in St Andrews, I saw amazing sunsets and also got a chance to visit London for the Olympics atmosphere and for some shopping.

A pure dead brilliant trip indeed.

And yes of course, there are pictures ;-)