Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A break from the "ON HOLD"

Hello there folks! I know that I'm on an "ON HOLD" thingy here at my blog but I have something that I really want to share with you! It's my very first English Task/Test we had to write in the beginning of the first grade! I wrote about me and my girlfriend, in a so called "Musical Memory".

It was a warm summer night in late June. Me and my girlfriend were out for a walk in the quiet sleeping village. We were having a great time together and I never wanted it to end, we decided to go somewhere where we could sit down and just chill. As we were holding hands walking down the street laughing together we suddenly spotted a kindergarten just up ahead. The sunlight came up over the top of the building, almost like it conquered the building with its strong yellow shiny light. 
Me and Cindy, my girlfriend, decided to go in and have a look for some place where we could sit. We entered the kindergarten and the first thing that met us was this enormous swing that was made for kids to play in. Both me and her started running towards it and we reached the swing with our hands exactly at the same time. Cindy started climbing up and when she'd got herself into place she called for me to climb up after her.

Now we both sat there, looking at the sunset and watching how the stars started to reveal themselves, a cool wind blew past. I looked at her, she looked at me. I couldn't stand her beauty, her long blonde hair was moving in the same rythm as the winds waves. Suddenly the silence broke, Cindy had picked up her cellphone and she started to play a song familiar to me, it was the song "Best of me" made famous by Sum 41. She suggested that we should make the song our song, I couldn't agree more. I said "Of course" with a smile on my lips.
Now we sat there looking up at the stars, with the music playing in the background and at the same time watching the sun go to sleep beyond the spectacular horizon. In the background I heard the leadsingers voice singing: "As you will get the best of me". I saw Cindy's smile and by that point I knew I was in love.

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Here's the news:
Lately I've tried to come up with things to write about but I can't really figure anything out and I feel super-lazy because of that. I could write about what I ate for breakfast earlier today and what clothes I wear at the moment but that isn't my blog's purpose and there's already 99999 blogs out there that currently are writing about that.
Soooo here's the thing: I've decided to put my blog "on hold" for awhile until I come up with better things to write about! Also I'm waiting for summer! When summer comes a lot more things will happen, I won't be that busy and there'll be a lot more to write about! I've also told myself to put some more effort into blogging when the right time comes, so just hang in there!

See ya in June.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

SP Week!


Yeah, you heard me. Well this week is dedicated to us! We who are at the so called samhällesprogrammet in our school. The teachers surprised us at Monday morning with a so called mission that needed to be accomplished within 2 hours. The mission was to go outside and complete tasks all over the city! Such tasks as "What's the streetnumber of that particular building?" or "What kind of letter does the stones on the ground at the Kunskapsskolan form?" and so on. It was pretty fun but also a bit of pain in the ass running around all over.
Currently we've got a new mission to complete, we're supposed to almost advertise another company orally infront of our class, really good training for the "grown-up life" later though. Well weell I'm actually going to keep todays post short cause today I were at a, hmm what's it called? An exhibition? Oh well, a "mässa" at Malmö, so I'm a bit tired after running around in Malmö.

Sooo.. Goodnight n' sleep tight!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Stones and wheelbarrows

Hellooo everyone!

So I was talking to myself for just some minutes ago (like I usally do) about my own future and I started coming up with metaphors regarding ideas.

So, let's say that you're 100% sure that you've got an idea that one day will become really successful, now Im going to let a stone represent that specific idea. But to make that idea successful you might also need something called knowledge, it'll work as the perfect helping hand in all situations. Let me introduce you to the wheelbarrow aka the knowledge.

So, you can pick up that awesome stone of yours and start carrying it towards success and fame, but it'll be really hard to move the rock all by yourself and maybe you won't even be able to pick it up. So you need to get yourself a wheelbarrow! You decide to go and get yourself a wheelbarrow and let's say that it takes you three years to find one. You jump back to the idea, oh sorry I mean the stone, but this time you've got your wheelbarrow with you (if you've already forgotten, the wheelbarrow represents the knowledge). This time you pick up the rock but instead of trying to move it forward all by yourself you throw the rock into the wheelbarrow. Now it's so much easier to roll the rock towards success!

I guess what I'm trying to say with this stupid little metaphor I made up in about five minutes is that without the knowledge your idea might be to hard to move and without an idea the knowledge may be useless. You need that wheelbarrow to move big awesome rocks! Also if you'd like to, use that will of yours as "extra strength" to move the wheelbarrow.
So, to sum it all up I would say that combining will, the stone and the wheelbarrow is the best way to reach success and make your idea the most ultimate one.

Now if you excuse me I've got some more subjects that I need to talk to myself about. He,he,he.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Boooost presentation coming up!

Howdy! - Sorry for any spelling errors that the following content may include, I'm tierd jo see :)

As the title is saying, tomorrow is the day we're going to present our boost company infront of our class, both the teacher and my classmates will be grading us while we're presenting our company! A bit scary yes but I'm actually really excited and thrilled about the whole thing, we even rehearsed for about three hours today at school and it went really well,  I actually kept rehearsing when I got home for a while. So it's a lot of work but I know that it's useful and worth it in the end. Also, this is the only time during your life you get to do all this, so why not put the right effort into it, be creative and do your best at all times?
Well I'm going to keep today's post short cause I need to get a good night sleep (after some Big Bang Theory) so I don't mess things up tomorrow. For just about ten minutes ago I was reading one of my small "remembering patches" to check that they were right (I was reading them loud) and out of nowhere the word f*ck sneaks in and I'm like "What the hell?", did I just read "Go f*cking wireless" instead of "Go wireless"? We don't want that to happen in front of the teacher tomorrow, but I guess people never would forget about our company if an accident like that should take place. There you go, something positive about f*cking up.

Weeell, G'night every-1, guess I failed the short post promise.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Boosting on

Hello y'all, didn't see ya there!

So, tomorrow's a big day, our boost projects are supposed to be submitted! At the moment it's looking smooth, everything is pretty cool and it feels like we have everything under control. We do have one small issue though, the marketing part has gone missing! We're all a bit confused about that cause not until now we realized that nobody has it. Usually when those things happends it almost always gets solved in one way or another so I'm actually not that worried, but I can't help keep thinking "What if's"-thoughts. You know "What if's"-thoughts, like: "What if we don't finish in time?" , "What if everything should get deleted at the last second?" , "What if godzilla should come and ruin the day?". No but you get the point.
It's not that I'm doubting my group, no not at all, we're an excellent group and even though we've faced some hard times, had some quarrel, it has always ended well and we've always regained our friendship! Speaking of friendship, I actually think one of the most important factors to create a healthy business is friendship and right after friendship comes will and cooperation. 
I think there are three steps to create a good business, lets start from the beginning. So, friendship, the first step. You see, without friendship will and cooperation can't happend, sure will can happend individually, but you want the will in "group-form"! Cause if I'm the only one that has got will in my group I won't be getting that far, but if we were lets say four in our group we could multiply will by four! And finally when we've achieved will cooperation can enter the stage. So to sum it all up, Friendship might create Will and Will might lead to Cooperation. Just sayin.
Now is that someone calling? It sounds a bit familiar to me..hmm.. oh! It's the bed, night!

Out of friends? Play some Halo with yourself for a change.