Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A break from the "ON HOLD"

Hello there folks! I know that I'm on an "ON HOLD" thingy here at my blog but I have something that I really want to share with you! It's my very first English Task/Test we had to write in the beginning of the first grade! I wrote about me and my girlfriend, in a so called "Musical Memory".

It was a warm summer night in late June. Me and my girlfriend were out for a walk in the quiet sleeping village. We were having a great time together and I never wanted it to end, we decided to go somewhere where we could sit down and just chill. As we were holding hands walking down the street laughing together we suddenly spotted a kindergarten just up ahead. The sunlight came up over the top of the building, almost like it conquered the building with its strong yellow shiny light. 
Me and Cindy, my girlfriend, decided to go in and have a look for some place where we could sit. We entered the kindergarten and the first thing that met us was this enormous swing that was made for kids to play in. Both me and her started running towards it and we reached the swing with our hands exactly at the same time. Cindy started climbing up and when she'd got herself into place she called for me to climb up after her.

Now we both sat there, looking at the sunset and watching how the stars started to reveal themselves, a cool wind blew past. I looked at her, she looked at me. I couldn't stand her beauty, her long blonde hair was moving in the same rythm as the winds waves. Suddenly the silence broke, Cindy had picked up her cellphone and she started to play a song familiar to me, it was the song "Best of me" made famous by Sum 41. She suggested that we should make the song our song, I couldn't agree more. I said "Of course" with a smile on my lips.
Now we sat there looking up at the stars, with the music playing in the background and at the same time watching the sun go to sleep beyond the spectacular horizon. In the background I heard the leadsingers voice singing: "As you will get the best of me". I saw Cindy's smile and by that point I knew I was in love.


  1. Gullunge då!^^ Älskar dig <3