Sunday, 13 March 2011

Stones and wheelbarrows

Hellooo everyone!

So I was talking to myself for just some minutes ago (like I usally do) about my own future and I started coming up with metaphors regarding ideas.

So, let's say that you're 100% sure that you've got an idea that one day will become really successful, now Im going to let a stone represent that specific idea. But to make that idea successful you might also need something called knowledge, it'll work as the perfect helping hand in all situations. Let me introduce you to the wheelbarrow aka the knowledge.

So, you can pick up that awesome stone of yours and start carrying it towards success and fame, but it'll be really hard to move the rock all by yourself and maybe you won't even be able to pick it up. So you need to get yourself a wheelbarrow! You decide to go and get yourself a wheelbarrow and let's say that it takes you three years to find one. You jump back to the idea, oh sorry I mean the stone, but this time you've got your wheelbarrow with you (if you've already forgotten, the wheelbarrow represents the knowledge). This time you pick up the rock but instead of trying to move it forward all by yourself you throw the rock into the wheelbarrow. Now it's so much easier to roll the rock towards success!

I guess what I'm trying to say with this stupid little metaphor I made up in about five minutes is that without the knowledge your idea might be to hard to move and without an idea the knowledge may be useless. You need that wheelbarrow to move big awesome rocks! Also if you'd like to, use that will of yours as "extra strength" to move the wheelbarrow.
So, to sum it all up I would say that combining will, the stone and the wheelbarrow is the best way to reach success and make your idea the most ultimate one.

Now if you excuse me I've got some more subjects that I need to talk to myself about. He,he,he.

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