Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Boooost presentation coming up!

Howdy! - Sorry for any spelling errors that the following content may include, I'm tierd jo see :)

As the title is saying, tomorrow is the day we're going to present our boost company infront of our class, both the teacher and my classmates will be grading us while we're presenting our company! A bit scary yes but I'm actually really excited and thrilled about the whole thing, we even rehearsed for about three hours today at school and it went really well,  I actually kept rehearsing when I got home for a while. So it's a lot of work but I know that it's useful and worth it in the end. Also, this is the only time during your life you get to do all this, so why not put the right effort into it, be creative and do your best at all times?
Well I'm going to keep today's post short cause I need to get a good night sleep (after some Big Bang Theory) so I don't mess things up tomorrow. For just about ten minutes ago I was reading one of my small "remembering patches" to check that they were right (I was reading them loud) and out of nowhere the word f*ck sneaks in and I'm like "What the hell?", did I just read "Go f*cking wireless" instead of "Go wireless"? We don't want that to happen in front of the teacher tomorrow, but I guess people never would forget about our company if an accident like that should take place. There you go, something positive about f*cking up.

Weeell, G'night every-1, guess I failed the short post promise.

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