Friday, 4 March 2011

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Hello y'all, didn't see ya there!

So, tomorrow's a big day, our boost projects are supposed to be submitted! At the moment it's looking smooth, everything is pretty cool and it feels like we have everything under control. We do have one small issue though, the marketing part has gone missing! We're all a bit confused about that cause not until now we realized that nobody has it. Usually when those things happends it almost always gets solved in one way or another so I'm actually not that worried, but I can't help keep thinking "What if's"-thoughts. You know "What if's"-thoughts, like: "What if we don't finish in time?" , "What if everything should get deleted at the last second?" , "What if godzilla should come and ruin the day?". No but you get the point.
It's not that I'm doubting my group, no not at all, we're an excellent group and even though we've faced some hard times, had some quarrel, it has always ended well and we've always regained our friendship! Speaking of friendship, I actually think one of the most important factors to create a healthy business is friendship and right after friendship comes will and cooperation. 
I think there are three steps to create a good business, lets start from the beginning. So, friendship, the first step. You see, without friendship will and cooperation can't happend, sure will can happend individually, but you want the will in "group-form"! Cause if I'm the only one that has got will in my group I won't be getting that far, but if we were lets say four in our group we could multiply will by four! And finally when we've achieved will cooperation can enter the stage. So to sum it all up, Friendship might create Will and Will might lead to Cooperation. Just sayin.
Now is that someone calling? It sounds a bit familiar to me..hmm.. oh! It's the bed, night!

Out of friends? Play some Halo with yourself for a change.

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