Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Cogito ergo sum - Another Philosophy related post

Is philosophy the history of science? I think so.

For not so long ago my philosophy teacher said something that really stuck on my mind. It is a saying, a statement, that fits me perfectly well and I suppose it could fit every humanbeing:
"Questions are my only answers." 
It got me thinking.. Below are some thoughts I juggled around with while I sat on the bus on my way home from school.

What do I want with my life?
- Money, luxury living, happiness, success and love. (Now I know that you can define these "things" in a variety of ways and they can be interpreted differently aswell)

But then, why do I want these things?
- Well they give me some sort of Respect, Security, Happiness and Comfort.

Why do I want Respect, Security, Hapiness and Comfort? Why do I strive to recieve these things?
- Happiness for example makes me happy, of course I feel better being happy. Happiness is indeed important for living a healthy and longer life, it is important for survival.

And why do we want survival?
- Well of course, to avoid death.

Then why do we want to avoid death? .. I'll come back to this, first hear me state my answer..

For my answer (or perhaps I should say question because questions being my only answers) for the questions asked above:
Is it all about survival? Is it all about the philosophy of biology? That we have the sense of survival programmed deep within our mindset? Let me clarify a bit more...

First off, why do I ask these questions? Why am I being curious?
- Well, because I want answers (or perhaps I search for more questions? Being my answers being questions. Perhaps it's all about asking the right questions?)

Then why do I want answers?
- This leads us to pretty much the same answer as stated above.. Beacause I am curious. It can really be an infinite circled answer/question-loop you see. But let us say that answers gives me Security and I can feel relieved by that fact of knowing. Because I believe that humanity can not stand the fact of not knowing, we have to know and we do not accept the "science of random". We can not stand, well at least not me, accepting Luck/Chance/Random and being uninformed. If you look at biology, evolution and the development of us, the humanbeing, with our consciousness we fear death. Death is something unknown, something we are uninformed about. We do not know what lies beyond death and therefore we are afraid. We make the connection between death and not knowing.
So if I am to summarise; am I striving for Money, luxury living, happiness, success and love in order to secure survival? Sounds raw to me. I rather enjoy life and keep asking questions :)

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