Thursday, 17 February 2011

I'm back!

Hello y'all internetpeeps... Actually, Ive been thinking and I think I'm going to stop calling you that from now on :) Sounds a bit...nerdy?

Anyways, one word: Finally! No more tests or submissions in a while and also sportlov is waiting ahead! I now can, after some weeks of hard work, finally breath out and relax for five or ten minutes.
Now to the reason why I haven't posted anything here lately:

  • Work
  • Lack of ideas. 

Work Yeah...loads of it.

Lack of ideas At the moment barely no one is reading my blog so I can't really ask anyone out there what they want me to talk about. So not until someone shouts out "TALK ABOUT PENGUINS" for example I won't stop talking about daily funny stuff and post my photos here (well my blog will still include my photos even if I start talking about penguins so).
But there's one thing you can't tell me to stop doing and that is writing my blog in english. The biggest part of my idea in creating and developing this blog is pretty much developing my english language, so no Swedish for you!
But in time I actually think interesting stuff will start poping up out of nowhere and when it does, you'll be the first to hear about it, I promise ;).

Today's videoclip: Funny Japanese comedians, simple yet entertaining:

There's not really a theme going on in today's post so I'll give you a random yet awesome picture!

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