Saturday, 19 February 2011

El futuro

Future the thing you might come to think of once a day (at least me). It's something that's always in our mind and it pops up time to time without notice. It's something that we're always struggling to make better because we all want our own ideal future, don't we?

Yes, as you've probably figured out I think of the future, A LOT. Im that worried type who always asks himself: "What if Im not able to reach my goals or if my ideal future fails?", what will happen? I've only got one shot to do this right, to make myself and everybody else proud. 
But I've decided to fight for my future, I have a million goals to reach and some day I really want to be known as a person who has done something outstanding. I want people to look up to me and hope that someday they can become what Iam, cause that's exactly what Im doing at the moment. Im looking up, looking up to famous people who have it all and Im really hoping that someday I'll have all that fame and success (well, within a limit). 
Now by all this I'm not saying that Im a lonely guy who has failed in life and I'm definitely not a miserable person. I've not only found love but I've also found a lot of good friends! But the actual guy inside of me talking about this so called ideal future is a hopeful, ambitious and struggling entrepreneur who is ready to give it all.

So, I'll keep on gazing out into the future.

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