Monday, 14 February 2011

My first follower!

¡Hola internet peeps!

Yesterday I gained my very first possible follower here at my blog! I welcome you Peter and I hope you'll enjoy your stay here at my blog.

Anyhow, my internet have preveted me from entering the blog world in time today so that's the reason why today's post are released a bit late, I apologize to you all.
Actually, lately I've been feeling a bit ominous, for example, right before the chinese test today this huge head ache sneaked up on me and it almost prevented me from thinking clearly, but I did my best and hopefully it all went well! Also this morning when I was going to get off the buss at the Lasarett busstation my headphones somehow got stuck in the aircondition that goes along the floor in the buss. But that happends to everybody everyday, or? So now I had to jump off at the next busstation and walk from there all the way to ProCivitas, which luckily isn't that far.

But enough of bad luck, today's Valentine's day! And I'm superlucky that I actually have a girlfriend to spend it with. Sadly though I can't celebrate this years Valentine's Day with her because maths test is coming up tomorrow, and I need to study (which Im not doing at the moment, ops). But I thought at least today's picture could represent my love to my dear girlfriend and that it could be in the area of some kind of love theme. So I've chosen a picture I photoshopped back in 2009 when we celebrated our ninth month together as a couple in love.

I love you Cindy.

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