Thursday, 4 August 2011

iPhone is art.

Time for some spontaneous thoughts!
...For just a moment ago I started thinking for myself that I just bought a new BIG awesome lens for my Nikon D7000, a Sigma 150-500mm. With this lens combined with my semi-pro camera I can take some pretty "neat" pictures, great isn't it? But not everyone has this kind of equipment available in their hands, so out of the blue I looked down at my iPhone remembering that for not so long ago I found a really inspiring photographer/artist/painter who has his own webpage where he posts his iPhone art, he actually has a whole category on his site specifically made for his iPhone art. This is something new! And to be honest I really think that iPhone 4 has a really good camera for it's size and cost of money and is 100% capable of creating art. 
Also if you really think about it, this is an equipment, something lots and lots of people has their hands on can use to create art, and they do, without really thinking about it! We all know that the most beautiful sunset is as much art as a boring old chimney. 
So I unlocked my own iPhone went into Photos and started scrolling through my collection of photos, memories taken from all over the globe and yes, iPhone really is art.



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