Friday, 1 July 2011

California asks: "What is Spotify?"

So I was surfing a bit on the internet and stumbled upon an article on the New York Times regarding Spotify in the USA. I remembered talking to a friend in California for not so long ago about different kinds of music services. I mentioned Spotify and all it's positive proporties but it turned out that my friend never even had heard of Spotify. I of course was really surprised but realized short after that Spotify is only available in Scandinavia and in some few European countries, so after all it wasn't that big of a surprise.
But lets back up to the article about Spotify. After two years of negotiations with the major record companies and many promises that its debut was right around the corner Spotify is finally today one step closer to being available in the USA. So no worries anymore, soon my friend you will also be able to enjoy the epicness of the music service Spotify.

...And the USA lived happily ever after...

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